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AWS AppStream Associate Fleet

Associate a fleet to a stack.

AWS AppStream Create Fleet

Creates a new fleet.

AWS AppStream Create Stack

Create a new stack.

AWS AppStream Delete Fleet

Deletes a fleet.

AWS AppStream Describe Fleets

If fleet names are provided, this operation describes the specified fleets; otherwise, all the fleets in the account are described.

AWS AppStream Disassociate Fleet

Disassociates a fleet from a stack.

AWS AppStream List Associated Fleets

Lists all fleets associated with the stack.

AWS AppStream Start Fleet

Starts a fleet.

AWS AppStream Stop Fleet

Stops a fleet.

AWS AppStream Update Fleet

Updates an existing fleet.

AWS EC2 Cancel Spot Fleet Requests

Cancels the specified Spot fleet requests.

AWS EC2 Describe Spot Fleet Instances

Describes the running instances for the specified Spot fleet.

AWS EC2 Describe Spot Fleet Request History

Describes the events for the specified Spot fleet request during the specified time.

AWS EC2 Describe Spot Fleet Requests

Describes your Spot fleet requests.

AWS EC2 Modify Spot Fleet Request

Modifies the specified Spot fleet request

AWS EC2 Request Spot Fleet

Creates a Spot fleet request.

HERE Fleet Vehicle Map

*Request a street map tile using the fleet vehicle color scheme* Fleet color scheme map tiles are available by passing `style=fleet` as a parameter of the request URL. * **style** `enum` \- If present, selects the style to use to render the ...

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